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About Campo de Fiori

Our preference for the odd plant out, as a choice, almost demands an interesting partner in either terra cotta or stone. We therefore delight in creating new pots and planters upon which we just can’t help but cultivate our trademark moss. This simply came naturally to us and it seems to have caught the fancy of more than a few garden aficionados.

This natural aging process requires patience and time – in the making, in the finishing, and in the greenhouse. This allows the magic to take shape through Nature’s hand. Others may try to dupe you with artificial this or that, and quick fixes, but we simply won’t. Nor will we use or sell to you materials that cannot return naturally to Our Earth. And once our terra cotta pots are planted, the natural aging process will continue evolve, creating a varied surface texture of vibrant mosses along with naturally occurring colors that evoke the classic look of antiquity we so revere.

Clay gathered from the lagoon. Tread upon by foot, kneaded by hand. Thrown on the wheel, feet thrashing, fingers shaping. Fired with wood, aged with care in the misty greenhouse, over time, until there appears on each and every one the lush, lusty green of the beloved moss.

Our companion collection of copper-plated plant saucers and trays, and iron trivets and plant stands allow for a harmonious plant presentation in both home & garden.

Raise it up. Enhance its presence. The strength of iron, the grace of copper. On a trivet, on a saucer, on a shelf, on a windowsill. Into the light.

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