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About Kissy Kissy

Kissy Kissy is committed to surrounding babies everywhere with the softest, sweetest garments possible. We pride ourselves in creating quality fashions with the most loving attention to detail and innovation.

How we bring the best and softest fashions to you
Using only the finest Peruvian Pima cotton, Kissy Kissy products are well known for its trademark softness.

Pima cotton, a tropical perennial plant that originated on the Peruvian coast, was named after the Pima Indians. Due to its exceptionally long staple length, Peruvian Pima cotton is especially soft, durable, and highly resistant to pilling. It is prized the world over for its exceptional softness and brilliant luster.

With our operations in Peru, we are able to closely monitor the manufacturing process-from the cotton fabric selection to the quality control checks.

A team of local artisans-mothers and grandmothers who work at the factories or at their homes-lovingly create the hand-made embroideries that set Kissy Kissy apart from many other lines. In addition, during screen printing we transfer designs-many of which are developed from hand-painted art exclusive to Kissy Kissy-and impose them on a screen of silk or other fine mesh, creating many of our charming collections.

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