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Riviera Pear collection with 7 products
Riviera Pear 7 products    
Agraria Plus collection with 12 products
Agraria Plus 12 products    
Bitter Orange collection with 10 products
Bitter Orange 10 products    
Lemon Verbena collection with 7 products
Lemon Verbena 7 products    
Lavender & Rosemary collection with 10 products
Lavender & Rosemary 10 products    
Balsam collection with 8 products
Balsam 8 products 1  
Mediterranean Jasmine collection with 7 products
Mediterranean Jasmine 7 products    
Cedar Rose collection with 8 products
Cedar Rose 8 products    
Golden Cassis collection with 7 products
Golden Cassis 7 products    
Nob Hill collection with 1 products
Nob Hill 1 product    
Santa Barbara collection with 1 products
Santa Barbara 1 product    
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Many Agraria fans have fond memories dating back to 1970 of discovering our Taylor Street boutique on Nob Hill with its eclectic mix of country English and French antiques, books on California wines, recordings of pianist Peter Mintun and of course our signature Bitter Orange Potpourri and original Balsam Candle. Agraria was also prominently ...... Read More